Warwick Castle

September 19, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I have to blame Kellogg's for making me go and enjoy the wonderful Warwick Castle.  Seriously, cut the carton label and your entrance fee is waived? Even the most steadfast of characters will not be able resist. LOL

I have been to Abbeys, Museums, Heritage sites, but I have never been to a real Castle - this was my first real medieval castle, and boy was I giddy with excitement!  People I am close to knows that I get overwhelmed easily and it takes some serious 'handling' to settle me down.  Fortunately, the first part we explored was the Kingmaker - fright is stronger than excitement.  I didn't realize that the Castle is now owned by the Tassaud's group which explains why all the wax replicas looked real it creeped the hell out of me.  Apparently, all the faces used in the replicas were modeled on the locals, with the exception of the main characters.  To recover from my initial fright, I took to photographing them rather jokingly.  We posed like court jesters amid the most serious of set-up.  Bet Madame Tussaud did not expect that!

I was in awe of the rest of the castle - towers and ramparts, the dungeon, the wide grounds where various activities are in progress (if you go in the height of summer, characters in costume do some jousting and sword fights), the trebuchet on the south side which coincidentally has a great back-view of the castle.

But I have to say, the best part is the Interiors.  They must have made some restorations but they have kept the integrity of the place.  It was rearranged to accommodate tours but it was otherwise authentic looking, especially that they incorporated a reenactment of sorts of a royal weekend party - I feel like I was party crashing!

I'll put in a link of the full album another time, for now, here's one of me and the castle.


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