Pride and Prejudice and Photography

July 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Meaningless mashup, that's all it is.  I mean, if Seth Grahame-Smith's zombies can find its way to Jane, why can't my photography do? ;)

Seriously though, I really was looking forward to this part of my UK stint.  I must go to Jane Austen's town of Bath, mainly as a homage and to show my gratitude for giving us all the wonderful books that were all set in Victorian England (kidding, not really) but are just as relevant as in contemporary times.  There was not much of her in Bath anymore apart from the Center that is dedicated to all Jane Austen's life and work, but that was more than enough for me.  I can find her anywhere in the world, in various different languages, so Im not at all fussed at how small and simple her Center is.  I think it suited her image perfectly - she lived modestly, and her work was not celebrated until after her death.

That aside, the rest of Bath is beautiful (I should really find a substitute word).  Once I got past the touristy stuff and the main business district, the sights became more interesting.  It was a combination of new, old, older and oldest, so to speak. The Roman Baths that were built around hot springs in the Iron Age, the imposing Bath Abbey, the expansive Royal Crescent, and row after row of terraced houses.  And there is quite a number of theaters, art galleries, museums, parks, and a variety of food places for people to enjoy, whatever their preferences would be.

As for me who majored in Architecture back in the days of yonder (yawn!), I got amazed by the Pulteney Bridge with all its shops across its full span on both sides - i don't think there is more of these anywhere in the world today.  Viewed from Argyle Road, the bridge with the arched Weir is quite charming!


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