Magnificent Stones

July 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Probably one of the most recognizable monuments in the world, Stonehenge is visited by millions from around the world every year.  This year, the total count included me.  This 5000 year old henge intrigues and inspires me given that despite the years of research and study, the reason behind it remains a mystery.  It is commonly believed that it is a sacred place for worship and it often becomes a site of pilgrimage for Neopagans and New Age devotees who report powerful energies at the site.

To cover some basic facts for those of you who are not very familiar with the structure (try Wiki or Google as alternative), Stonehenge is a pre-historic circle of upright stones located in Wiltshire (about 90 miles west of London, nearest town is Salisbury).  The inner ring of Bluestones came from Preseli Mountains in Wales - how they transported 80 stones weighing 4 tons each 4000 years ago is way beyond me!  The entrance to this bluestones are perfectly aligned with the midsummer sunrise, being the reason why tourism peaks during summer solstice.

In current times, ignoring the 2 intersecting major highways and the tourist infrastructure, Stonehenge is a magnificent site.  It is located in the middle of a grassy, rolling hills where the wind blows uninterrupted and the sun shines aplenty - that said, it was wise of me to put on a windbreaker, plenty of sunscreen and a good pair of sunnies.  It did not particularly 'speak' to me in spiritual terms like in some people, but for whatever purpose it was built for (bless them!), the scale and beauty of the stones is a sight to behold.  I visited in the summer (but it is in the UK, so it was still chilly at about 18 degrees) and stayed for about 4 hours only from early to mid day, taking as much photo as I can in various distances and vantage points, at some point wanting to shout at other tourists who were blocking my perfect view! LOL

If it were closer to home, I would love to go back and take more photos - I can envision how it would look like under stormy skies or under a rainbow or a full moon or the rising sun at summer solstice or covered in snow.  But I can't complain really, lucky I had this one chance.

I posted a photo in the Travels collection (see link below) and here's one of mine with it.



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